Using swim spa in treating medical conditions

Have you ever suffered from chronic pain, muscle spasms or poor balance and needed a physiotherapist? If you have heard about swim spas before you will know that it can help treating several kinds of diseases using hydrotherapy.

Swim spas are the magical answer to all these problems! Using its hydrotherapy technology, it can aid in relieving muscle spasms, chronic pain and much more!

And for those who don’t know what hydrotherapy is; it is using water in treating different health conditions like arthritis through doing special exercises in a warm water pool, and that’s what a swim spa offers.

Chronic muscle pain could be irritating for many of us, who are trying to keep up with the fast lifestyle, and most of the time a simple solution could be the answer for their prayers. Throughout using swim spas -which is basically a personal aquatic therapy pool- you can easily decrease the downsides of your pain or illness, as it was proved to help in treating several diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, chronic pain, neuromuscular conditions in addition to helping in weight loss, orthopedic recovery and pediatric exercises.

Choosing the correct water currents for your swim spa

You may consider swim spa an integral pool, as you can use it for swimming, relaxation, exercising or for improving your overall health and fitness. You can find different types of swim spas that can serve as a single purpose pool or multipurpose, and before you buy one, you have to decide what do you need it for.

Swim spas comes in various models that uses different systems to generate water current like the paddle wheel driven swim spas, which is more suitable for swimming, exercise and relaxation, plus it can be used as an aquatic therapy pool if it is powered with adjustable speed.

Propeller driven swim spa is also suitable for swimming, exercise, rehabilitation and relaxation. The size of the engine in this pool determines the water flow power, but as a result of the centralised current in this type of swim spa, it can restrict certain exercises.

Swim spas that are powered with jets uses pumps to generate water current, you may face some difficulty using this pool for exercise because the water resistance could be narrow and turbulent according to the number of jets. In case that you want to install this type of pool, consider looking for one that offers speed modification and allows jets adjustment to enable you to control current direction.

In addition, some swim spa manufacturers offer pool with special workstations such as treadmill to help in treating different conditions through exercise.

Swim spa role in medical conditions

We have all experienced how weightless we become when sanding in the pool; that happens because water reduces 80% of body weight thus reducing stress on your joints, which makes you more able to exercise with less pain. Which makes the swim sap ideal in cases such:

  • Orthopedic recovery: increasing body mobility is the main element in orthopedic recovery, which helps in preventing tension and increasing flexibility. Using swim spas to exercise allows you to do so by adjusting the water current to work out at different intensity levels. In addition, you can install under water treadmill to improve your overall fitness.
  • Arthritis and fibromyalgia: most elderly people can experience different levels of Arthritis (joint inflammation) and fibromyalgia at some point in their life, which can cause stiffness, swelling and chronic pain. These two can be treated by relaxing; and nothing better than a swim spa to do so. Swim spas allows you to relax in warm water to help your body relax, thus reducing stress on muscles and joints which may lead to decrease pain level noticeably.
  • Neuromuscular conditions: this condition affects both nerves and muscles; using hydrotherapy in treating these conditions makes it easier. Through reducing your body weight in the water, you can focus on your exercise like walking on the underwater treadmill.
  • Pediatric exercise: relaxing and swimming in warm water is great for all ages, and since kids loves to swim it won’t be hard to convince them that rehabilitation and strengthening exercises is fun activities.
  • Weight loss: swimming reduces pressure on your joints, which makes it great for losing weight without hearting yourself. Losing weight while enjoying time in the pool is a dream come true; swim spas offer you the luxury of swimming in the privacy of your home, even if you don’t have much space. Besides, you can install an adjustable speed underwater treadmill that will help you lose more calories per minute than regular ones without putting extra pressure on your muscles thus reducing pain.