A Genuine Conversation

Life looks promising to live it.

Genuine Conversations always make me happy, it’s the joy of the mind when you listen, talk and think about interesting stuff at the same time, genuine conversations for me one of many things that feed my mind, especially when the conversation is about something you have a lot of thoughts about.

But to have a conversation is not something easy to get these days, we are surrounded by lots of great minds… yeah I agree, but let’s list the rules here for having this conversations:

  • First, you need someone who looks and feels really interesting to talk to.
  • Second, it’s really recommended to have this conversation while having lunch or dinner with that person.
  • Third, and this need to be very clear is that your minds MUST be synced because that’s what keeps the flow of the conversation and maximise the joy of it.
  • Fourth, make sure to have enough time to enjoy your time, because if you have something to do soon, that’s gonna ruin the whole experience and make it poor over the time.

Today’s conversation was with a new interesting friend I got to know recently, I’ll call her my Angel and there is a story behind this but…later.

We had a nice lunch at our favourite restaurant… yeah it happens that both of us like the same restaurant which is an adds-on to genuine-ing the conversation.

We talked about about different stuff then we focused on some “Life experiences” topics, she told me about her side project she has been working on it and I really liked it because it’s something that let people invest into experiences not assets.

Here is the part I really enjoyed discussing about.

The new generations are not looking for buying assets anymore, we don’t wanna a fancy car nor a big apartment. we are not seeking for settling down, We wanna travel, try new things, get out of our bubble and comfort zone. I say we are taking life to the next level.

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