Dear Mother,

This time I am writing for you about you… you are the one who is missed the most here… your love runs in my veins and pumps up my heart to do the courageous moments in my life.

You raised me well mother and made me who I am today and I know… leaving you is breaking your heart everyday leaving some bruises and more gaps cannot be filled except by my smiles and hugs, mother.

You are my Super Hero mother, and believe me, I didn’t know that until a few weeks ago while I was having this deep meditation, going deeper inside myself trying to communicate with it as I’ve been struggling here through my days.

I went through many situations happened in the past, some are good and others aren’t but what I knew for sure that all of them left a mark here and there… on you mother because most of the time father wasn’t here…. I am not blaming him, I know he was serving our country and he sacrificed his life with us for that, I know military life is harsh, thought him how not to express his feelings and emotions towards us, but I know for sure that the most thing you and him are missing right now is my smile, a face to face smile followed by a strong hug.

I still remember last time I left you, Us at the airport and me passing the departure’s gate, he kept standing on the other side, waving to me with a big smile but I could see him wiping a tear slipped out and quickly he wiped it.

I thought there still time to spend my life with you and I know there is but my life is here now, thousands of miles away from our warm home, and this is tearing my heart apart, I used to learn from you the strength and endurance.

You used to tell me that my ambition is limitless and one day it’ll fly me away from you but, you never tried to stop me, and now here we’re mother.

I wish I can make you feel better but you deserve to see the value of your struggle to make me who I am right now and I know you’re proud of me.

I just wanted to write this till we meet again soon because this is something I live by it everyday.

Love you always,
Your Son.
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