Binance Labs to give strategic funding to the Blockchain-based Customer Relationship Management

Peter parker
Jul 8 · 2 min read

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange is popular for its new-fangled features and projects, too. The most popular Binance Labs, the Blockchain incubation initiative operate by Binance has given strategic funding to the Blockchain-based customer relationship management (CRM) Cere network, on July 3 as per the reports came in the limelight. Binance is easy to use but users get into several errors and to deal with them, you can always call on Binance support phone number which is functional all the time to assist you. The team knows all the possible results to end all your queries immediately. Whenever you are in trouble, connecting them would ease your issue and also, save your time.

Recently, Binance Labs made an announcement that Cere Network would finally be graduate from the Season II cohort of its incubation program on the previous month and now, on July 3, Cere Network informed about the receiving funds from Binance Labs, Arrington XRP Capital, and NEO Global Capital. The Decentralized system is being used by the Cere Network to integrate with a Blockchain to store customer data. Vendors, as well as Businesses, will be provided with proxy keys from Cere granting them to entree the data.

As per the Cere statement, it would allow entities to share customer data at the safest zone, talking about the protection as well as accessibility. In addition to that, this platform is more easy to share data as presently, CRM and CDP systems have been isolated making it hard to summative data for understandings.

Also, Cere is providing an incentive token (CERE) to boost users to use blockchain nodes and to pay for network services.

It is the first CRM and CDP network-based technology along with the statement given by Gartner that CRM remains the largest and speedy growing software category.

Head of Binance Labs, Ella Zhang showed positivity towards Cere with the desire to work again with Cere and integrate it into Binance chain. the statement given by Head of Binance Labs was that Cere is on the path of becoming the first major on-ramps for applications, brands, and enterprises assets on the blockchain platform. They are looking forward to working closely with Cere to create an environment and in the future will be with more news to share about the amalgamation of Cere with Binance chain.

The first cohort of graduates was announced in December 2018 by Binance Labs and around eight projects received $500,000, in addition to other resources as well as guides to assist development. That program lasted for 10 weeks and around seven out of eight projects were finished at the time of the first cohort. To avail more information about Binance, you can call on Binance support number which is functional all the time to guide you. The team is always functional with an updated solution related to issues that occur in the path of users. Connect with them for best results and get fruitful assistance quickly. Always reach them in your difficulty and avail the best solutions.