SPACE…. I mean mental space!

Are you getting enough space at your place? Ofcourse I am not talking about the physical space, but are you getting enough time to devote it to yourself? Rather are you getting that amount of time wherein none disturbs you and you are in your solitude?

My questions sounded too wierd but the biggest problem of today’s age is not letting a person live on his/her terms. What do you think from where does that frustration comes from? Teenagers are been restricted. Okay forget about teens being restricted by their parents. A person restricts himself from doing something he wants to do. There are many reasons for the same. So are we ever going to deal with it? I know I have just. stated the problem!

So the solution for the teenagers would be try talking to your parents about this, discuss. It won’t work (90% sure ).In fact you will get some live examples of people or relatives doing wonders and you are still in that pothole. This one is a better solution “Start lying”, this one always works :D Because at the end you can’t really fight and keep on arguing every now and then.

Now for the one’s who restrict themselves, come on! you won’t look bad or like a joker if you try out different things and even if u look like one, who cares? Afterall what makes you happy is more important and not what makes you look like a descent person. Never get locked in your own cage. The chances are more of you becoming a wild animal.