Buying Digital: Bed Bath and Beyond acquires Decorist, an online interior design platform

I am proud to share that Decorist was acquired by Bed Bath and Beyond. The acquisition was announced by the CEO Steven Tamares on April 5th at Q4 2016 Bed Bath and Beyond’s Earning Conference Call. Tamares explains

“Decorist is an online interior design platform that connects users to affordable, acceptable and personalized home design services. Through the Decorist platform, consumers and businesses can directly connect with top-tier designers, including nationally-renowned celebrity designers to collaboratively work through the design process.

To increase customer confidence in purchasing furniture pieces, Decorist has developed and offers photorealistic 3-D renderings of how these items look in their actual homes. Decorist also offers additional online services, including a Design Bar advice tool which provides free expert design advice within 24 hours, inspirational boards, an editorial blog, designer tips and latest trends to further enhance customer engagements and develop deeper customer ties.”

There are synergies to be exploited here, adds Tamares:

“We look forward to supporting Decorist in its efforts to continue building brand awareness of their online business, increasing their revenue opportunities and developing their technology to further their leadership in the online interior design space. At the same time, as the interior design arm for Bed Bath & Beyond, we plan to leverage Decorist online platform to initiate and/or enhance our design consultation offerings for some of our concepts.”

Note: Above quotes taken from Bed Bath and Beyond Earnings Conference Call and Diginomica

3D photo-realistic Rendering by Decorist — not a digital photograph!