To see the land of all

Sometimes people aren’t clear about their ambitions or motives, either they want to keep it for themselves, or they don’t have any but don’t want to show that.

Humans are complex creatures, I bet if anyone knows what does he really need in this short lifespan of his. His insecurities and lack of power make him believe in things that he thinks can make the best value in this world, or at least for himself.

If you asked me two years ago what is my life goal. I would have told you speeches and words that will never stop, but if you asked me the same question right now, I am not sure that I can answer this, you can have one, but It will be fragile and inconsistent.

So I decided that I need to renew what my eyes see and what my ears hear. I need to get introduced to a whole new perspectives and ideas. I need my brain to get challenged again, because myself only is not a good motivator.

I can call myself gifted, I have a wonderful family, good friends and awesome job/s , but there is a thing that’s missing. and this thing is the purpose. The purpose that make me wake up everyday and keep me alive. I am not searching for a big fancy one. any thing should be sufficient.

So for now I am going to see the land of all. I want to see different lands and different people. I wish I can talk and talk and never stop talking. I wish I can learn until there is nothing more to learn. maybe that can be the purpose itself. It’s just a few days to see if it is.

And the first land is going to be Ireland.

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