SOFA Budget “ Getting Fucked Guarantee”

your 5 steps guide to have SOFA Budget for your project and get fucked in 2 months

Creating a budget for your project never seem to be easy , so we summarize our guide into 5 sections . follow those steps and I guarantee an out of business position in only 2 months .

1- Need to know what to buy ?! Forget about asking anyone who running a store like the one you intend to open or started a project similar to yours 
just a small look on their store without thinking in details will be enough 
Man your project is unique even if it’s a grocery shop

2- Need to know who much the things you don’t even know Cost ? You kidding me , where is your creativity in creating and estimating prices based on your zero experience about the field , please bring the sense of mediation here and just guess the prices “ write them on the newspaper beside you is essential , time is money and we cant spend it searching for white papers “

3- what the use of the many rows and columns program , Maybe you can type your company name on the first column and repeat it in all cells , at the end it’s useless people hate EXCEL and so do you

4- IKEA is very big , i think every thing you need to buy for my store will be there 
 and if Not , Why Not manufacture it by yourself , you need only 5 courses in furniture and 2 years of practice to make your store sofa , believe me it worth the whole thing is about the process not the destination .

5- set on a sofa while you create this budget .don’t ask why.
TO have a sofa budget you have to write it laying on a sofa .

after opening your store depending on the “ SOFA Budget “ congratulation 
you are now qualified to work as a “ Cost estimator “ without bothering yourself with degrees or such shit , MAN YOU GOT YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE

please invert every step of the above if you want survive