The epidemic that is catcalling.

“Oh honey, it’s just what men do! ”
“Learn to take a compliment, girl.”
“Stop being so stuck up!”

Believe it or not, that catcall wasn’t meant to brighten your day.

It was meant to intimidate you.

It was meant to show you who is in power — hint: It ’s not you.

It was meant to tell you that you are helpless.

It was meant to tell you that you are no more than property.

Catcalling is not normal, and you no one should be able to tell you to ignore it; or move on. It is a part of rape culture — a huge part of it.

Legitimizing cat calling is telling the perpetrator that it is okay to treat another person with a blatant lack of respect. Most of all it is telling you, a woman, that no matter what you achieve, you will never be more than a piece of meat for the society.

And that is not okay.

So, the next time anyone tells you to ‘learn to take a compliment’ sit them down, and explain to them calmly exactly why they are wrong. Street harassment is a serious problem and it is time that we treat it as such.

Take a stand. It is time.