How Products Are Built..

  • Needs: are the problems that need to be solved
  • Detailing: of the needs which are usually documented in the form of BRDs (Business Requirement Documents) and then translated to PRDs (Product Requirement Documents)
  • Prioritization: based on the criticality and the impact it will create
  • Scoping: of tasks based on development efforts (time that it takes to develop) and sprint size (time that is available)
  1. Business team: these are the folks who are handling day to day operations, managing the P&L or simply put facing the customers in a B2C environment
  2. Tech team: these are ones who are actually writing codes, thinking about the software architecture or simply put, setting up the bricks in their place
  3. Design team: these are the ones who decide how the page should look like. Okay! for a lay man, design may not seem to be frugal. But, what if I tell you that certain key metrics as important as adoption rate are dependent on design elements. Every aspiring org has a set of talented designers who are responsible for creating the best experience for the user
  4. Analytics team: these are the silent horses who possess the capability of providing ground breaking insights. A good analytics team can generate ideas that are not humanly possible to achieve. This team also helps in validating hypotheses/problem statements that act as a foundation for any further development
  5. Product team: finally, the much revered ones (literally and sarcastically, at times). These are the ones who, in short, are the sole responsible owners for the delivery of the result
  1. Provide calling option in the partner app, or
  2. Migrate to external calling app through partner app (CTA)
  • effort required to develop
  • short term & long term benefits in different types of solution
  • current position of the organization — a startup may not afford such timeline whereas an established org would always go for the ideal solution



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amrit anshuman

amrit anshuman

Hey all, I am a product enthusiast, working with a B2C consumer startup. I am here to share my professional learning with all.