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Reviewing India’s online music streaming competition by their TV commercials alone!
(Spoiler: Still better than #TIDALforAll.)

“bus bajna chahiye gaana”

That jingle. Oh that jingle. Please make it stop. They bought so many TV ads during the cricket world cup. The jingle was stuck in everyone’s head, and what’s worse, whenever I’d see a reference anywhere else, the jingle would start playing in my head again.

Well played gaana, well played! Also, is the perfect name for a music streaming service in India.

“aapki zindagi ka soundtrack”

This commercial confuses me. Hrithik Roshan and I go way back to the Kaho Na Pyaar Hai days in 2000. But I don’t understand the point of this commercial. There’s quite a lot going on here.

Firstly, while marketing a music streaming website to India, why would you show just mostly white people staring at phones and having a good time in Europe (it’s definitely not India), with a voiceover from Hrithik Roshan?

But, it’s the text on the commercial that really confuses me. “Get a complete musical experience with Rewards Points, Free iPad*, Free Holidays and Celeb dates”. What are you talking about? I’m speculating they’re trying to tap into the ‘Fair & Lovely’ and ‘celebrity’ obsessed Indian culture. But there’s still too much going on here.

I’ve no idea why you need to throw rewards points, free holidays, and (spammy sounding) free iPads into a TV commercial. What does that have to do with music? Nothing.

Clearly, Hungama has raised enough money from investors to pay Hrithik Roshan to voiceover their commercials, but don’t have nearly as much traction to justify the cost of creating a 15 second TV spot featuring the Greek God himself.

I still don’t understand this commercial.


That actor (*googles his name* Ranbir Kapoor) being silly and screaming profanity at his TV while watching cricket?

There’s nothing much to go off here. You want me to download Saavn because “celebrity”.

No thanks.

The jury is in:
Gaana > … > Hungama > Saavn

Once again, this review is based strictly on these app’s TV commercials. I haven’t visited their websites or tried the product.

The music streaming website that I go to everyday is HypeMachine.

They don’t have Morgan Freeman to voice over their commercials, don’t give away free iPads, and don’t need Zach Galifianakis for their TV commercials. It’s just a simple social network for music, and it works like a charm. Visit to try it out for yourself.

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