Jokes on DEL-KTM flight with Bartley Price, Producer for ABC News

* Before you read this, please brace yourself for some really bad jokes *. Ok, you’ve been warned!

(After talking to Bartley for a minute or so)
Amrit: Are you from Australia?
Bartley: New Zealand.
Amrit: Ouch. I’m sorry. It must suck to get that all the time.
Bartley: Nah, don’t worry about it. All Indians look the same too.
Amrit: Haha. Yes, that we do.

Bartley: I was attending a training course on drones in London.
Amrit: Cool. Was it interesting, or was the trainer just droning on and on?
Bartley: Ha! I’ve heard that one before.

Amrit: What’s your name again?
Bartley: Bartley Price.
Amrit: So is the price right, Bartley?
Bartley: You’ve got every zinger that I’ve ever heard.

Amrit: Do you journalists always fly commercial?
Bartley: Yeah mostly, but sometimes we charter! (pronounced, chah-da, like an Aussie, oops, I mean, Kiwi.)
Me: I’d have imagined that you’d fly around in private planes. (more jokingly than serious.)
Bartley: We don’t have a plane. Wait, actually Disney has a plane. ABC is owned by Disney.
Amrit: Is it called the Magic Carpet?
Bartley: Haha. That’s actually not bad.

Amrit: What’s your first name again?
Bartley: Bartley
Amrit: Is the ‘t’ silent?
Bartley: Depends on which part of the world I’m in.

Amrit: *starts laughing*
Bartley: What’s up?
Amrit: I know what I’m going to call my blog post about this flight.
Bartley: What’s that?
Amrit: “Are we there yet?”
Bartley: *laughs*

Kudos to Bartley for finding my jokes amusing (or at least, pretending to). He had a long flight from London to Delhi, and then the 9 hour DEL-KTM(?)-DEL-KTM flight.

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