Mission Debrief: May 20 Sindupalchowk

Organizations: Khusi Hona in collaboration with JRM Foundation
Date: May 20, 2015
Squad: Matthew van Rooyen, Geet Sharma, Amrit Sharma.
Transport: Charted Helicopters
Mission: Deliver supplies to Manekharka and Shermathang. And, escort nurse from New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital to Health Clinic at Manekharka village.

Village #1: Manekharka, Ward #2, Sindupalchowk district
Description: Bright and early. It was 5:30am and a clear morning at TIA airport in KTM. We lifted off as sailed toward the hills around Kathmandu. Within a couple minutes, clouds were everywhere. There was literally zero visibility. I looked around the helicopter. Everyone was silent and gazing at the sea of white we were flying through. This was dangerous. None of us knew whether there was a mountain right in front of us, but we had faith in our Italian pilot. He’s a pro and very familiar with these mountains. We flew through the clouds, and made it to Manekharka. It’s a remote village high up in the mountains, with dozens of small landslides visible on the mountain across from it.
Relief Supplies: 20 boxes of supplies for 1 family each. Each box contains 12–20 kgs of food, like rice, tea, coffee, oil, spices. Plus, heavy duty shovels, pickaxes, and hammers, to help the villagers rebuild their houses before monsoon hits. And, 20 large tarps. 2 solar panels with batteries.

Village #2: Shermathang, Sindupalchowk district
Description: Geet dropped off supplies here, and medevac’ed 3 people back to Kathmandu.
Relief Supplies: Tents. Solar panels. Will get specifics after confirming with Geet later today.

Nurse Dipti Thapaliya BSN RN from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City will be spending 10 days at Manekharka’s Health Center. She will be reinforcing the medical team of 1 doctor, 2 paramedics, 1 ANM, 1 Lab Tech and 1 Helper there. Good luck Dipti and thank you Dr. Rahim from JRM Foundation for making this possible.

The story of the Nepal earthquake is not a story about rubble. It’s the story of hope, compassion, resilience, and people looking out for one another.

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Turning ideas into reality since 1986. Product Manager. Accidental Journalist. Tweets at @amrit_sharma.

Turning ideas into reality since 1986. Product Manager. Accidental Journalist. Tweets at @amrit_sharma.