My #SHEROES, the women that are making a dent in the universe!

This past weekend, I attended the India Internet Day conference in Gurgaon, India. It was an inspiring and candid look at the Founders of India’s tech giants, FlipKart, Zomato, OlaCabs among others. I wondered why there weren’t more female speakers and panelists.

It spurred me to write out a list (in no particular order) of women that inspire me.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” -Steve Jobs
  1. Shradha Sharma @sharmashradha
    Founder & Chief-Editor,
    “To me, every story matters. Each one stands on its own uniqueness as much as it stands for the combined collective consciousness. These experiences have strengthened my resolve to make every story matter.”
  2. Lakshmi Rebecca @lakshmirebecca
    Entrepreneur. Youtube Talk Show Host. Filmmaker. Blogger. Speaker.
    The Lakshmi Rebecca Show brings you candid and personal conversations with celebrities and inspiring individuals on social issues and attitudes.”
  3. Avani Parekh @alittlemasala
    Founder of LoveDoctor. Serial Social Entrepreneur.
    LoveDoctor is a safe, confidential and anonymous platform for people to ask questions about sex, sexual questions and relationships. ”
  4. Mariya Karimjee @M_karimjee
    Freelance Writer in Karachi.
    “Mariya has reported on ethnic tensions in Karachi, the 2013 national elections, public health, and labor rights along with stories about US-Pakistan foreign relations.”
  5. Sarah Young @SrahSrahYoung
    Co-Founder of Rock Your Block. Awesome Fitness Trainer.
    “Sarah founded Rock Your Block — a LinkedIn for Teens — in Minneapolis after winning 2nd place at Startup Weekend. She moved from MSP to SFO to give RYB the best shot to succeed. Her smile and laugh is contagious!”
  6. Diana Neidecker @dianapantzmpls
    Founder, @BeNiceBox and #MNnice365.
    “Diana runs a kindness movement at #MNnice365 and is the Founder of BeNiceBox, a monthly subscription service to help you spread kindness. You should read what she did after the Boston marathon bombing to remind us that it’s never a bad time to be nice.”
  7. Aditi Gupta @AditiGP
    Entrepreneur. Global Shaper. Forbes India 30 Under 30. TEDx Speaker.
    “Aditi co-founded to spread awareness about mensuration easily in a fun way with comic books. Aditi loves design, art and DIY too”.
  8. Solome Tibebu @SolomeTibebu
    Founder, Anxiety In Teens.
    “Professional Speaker championing mental wellness, social media, entrepreneurship and health IT. Featured Contributor Huffington Post, Inc, Women 2.0, TED, AccessPress, ADAA, and more. G20 Summit Entrepreneur U.S. Delegate.”
  9. Qelsey Zeeper @QelseyZeeper
    Actor. Happy Human. Motorcyclist.
    Qelsey Zeeper starred in The Dick Knost Show (2013), and will take on the role of Abigail, a woman with a unique skill set whose patience is tested in the early morning hours, in the upcoming movie Chaos Management (2015).”
  10. Unsung Heroes
    The millions whose names I don’t know. The girl whose story the world hasn’t heard. The ones who fight the fight everyday, and move forward despite the odds. It’s you. Women’s rights is not a women’s issue. It’s a human issue. #HeForShe
To my #SHEROES, as my grandfather used to say,
I have no words for thanks!”
Who are your #SHEROES? I’d love to hear from you.

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