#SaveTheInternet in India by April 25 or the cat gets it… *meow*

I was pretty happy when efforts in the USA, including John Oliver’s brilliant call to arms to internet trolls, successfully lobbied the FCC to restore Net Neutrality in America.

But, the battle for a free and open internet is far from over. Net Neutrality is in danger in India.

To be honest with you, this is literally how I react when I hear about Net Neutrality…

… but it’s important that we all know what it is, and why it matters!

(If you don’t like reading, and do just one thing, watch this video by AIB.)

(No really, it’s worth it. It’s pretty funny too.)

What does Net Neutrality mean, and why is it so important?

  1. All content is equal, and all sites must be equally accessible.
    It means that once you have an internet plan, you should be allowed to access any website you want without discrimination.
  2. No matter what telecom operator you’re with, you should be able to access all data on the internet at the exact same speed.
Yes Bob, it is.

Deadline: You have until April 24th to tell TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that you care about Net Neutrality in India. Go to this link below and with 2-clicks you can tell TRAI to stop ruining the internet.


Still not convinced?

Look. Even Shah Rukh Khan wants you to #SaveTheInternet.

Being Indian: Mumbai on Net Neutrality

President Obama on Keeping the Internet Open and Free in America

And Hrithik Roshan too…

Remember you have until April 24th to click this thing and be heard.


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