Startup school — #637 Group

A Y Combinator initiative for founders actively pursuing their own startup

Startup school is a free online 10-week program, empowering founders with the knowledge, expertise, and experience of growing and managing their startup from entrepreneurs, such as WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum. Also, for successful completion, one must at least complete 8 out of 10 weekly updates and attend 8 out of 10 group office hour sessions. Upon successful completion, one will receive a certificate of completion and the opportunity to share what they were working on with the public.

Usually, they get over 10,000+ applications, out of which around 2,000+ companies get selected for the program and about half of them graduate. This year 100 startups that complete the course will be chosen to receive $10K in equity-free funding so that more people complete the course. They received about 15,000+ application, around 4,000+ were selected. Incidentally, a technical error sent the wrong mail from the server, the ones who got accepted received a rejection mail and the ones who got rejected received acceptance letter. Twitter went crazy, amidst huge outcry, Adora Cheung, Geoff Ralston, and Steven Pham from the Y Combinator team announced that every applicant who had applied were accepted.

Companies in which Y Combinator has invested

Luck was in my favor, my initially rejected startup got chosen for the audit course. I have no complaints!

So to talk about group#637, we are a group of 12 startups. Most are early-stage startups, concept stage, working prototype. I am only sharing the startups who have already launched the product in public. Also, YC is quite strict about not sharing information outside one's cohort.

Fingage- Compliance Platform For Digital Businesses-
Akira Analytics- Taking AI Experiments to Production-
RaddiConnect- Municipal solid waste
Verb Studio- Online dance tutorials

P.S The best way to support an entrepreneur, try the product and share an honest feedback with them.

Over the weeks I have been able to develop a bond with my cohort members specially Shubham, Navdeep, Rahul, and Ilan. Mostly in their mid-20s, it is interesting to see such a high level of maturity and hard working individuals. I want to thank them for helping me be a better group moderator and for helping me to learn from their experience.

About my startup school experience, week 1(Aug 27) of school PitchNDA was a concept in my head, after learning a few aspects of running a business, I was able to find a suitable co-founder and beta launched my product on Sept 27th. We still have two weeks to go and let's see what the future holds!