Honest Intern Interviews
Stefan Aleksic

I’ve faced this myself . Multiple rounds of interviews with no feedback .More so when you are applying as a FullStack Developer

Round I -Basic coding problem . Get right output to move to next round .

Round II-Phone Screening

Round III-Take home problem (weekend problem ) . Solve and upload on Github with Testcases . Done to check the code structure and coding style .

Round IV-FrontEnd Dev Interview

Round V-Backend Dev Interview

Round VI-HR and cultural Fit Interview (Duh !)

These 6 rounds don't help in objectifying the performance or skill of an applicant .

What recruiters need today is not just an Application Tracking System . They need an intelligent recruiting platform that mines an applicant’s Tech History from Github , Stackoverflow , Online Coding competitions etc and pre-assess them using an adaptive test . This objectification of interview performance , prior projects and screening test can remove all human bias and make streamlined .

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