Lost Stars

While I was sitting on my desk wondering why am I doing this job, there must be so many people who can feel the pinch. The ‘real world’ is catching up to everyone it seems. It doesn’t matter if you’ve a high paying job or barely making your ends meet, a lot of people are unhappy with their jobs. The passion a child wants to pursue and the job he ends up doing is not the same. Compromises are what they are expected to do. Dreams in their eyes are brutally shattered.

That boy who is extremely passionate about the field he is working in, but hates his job because he was given a different profile; that girl who is working just so she can make her ends meet; that boy who has a high paying job, which he hates because he goes to the office to punch-in & punch-out; that girl who likes her job, but is unhappy because she is away from her loved ones. We all have very different background stories but still similar in so many ways. “Are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?” It hits me hard and makes me think, are we really caught up in dreams and fantasies searching for meaning?

That girl who is trying to save up for pursuing her dream by killing it; that boy who is waiting for 35 because he is too young to become an entrepreneur; that girl who is working 9 to 5 in the hope of someday writing a book; that boy who thinks acting is not for him so ends up bullying and bearing. Are we really chasing our dreams or giving excuses to make ourselves feel better for not trying hard enough to actually go and get it.

The generation we live in actually believes in the delusion our mind creates. It’s time we introspect what we believe in is actually true or not. Few lucky ones are living the time of their lives, not because they have everything, but because they are practical and do not have any irrational expectations from life. I have seen people tossing aside something very precious for their very own selfish motive and people yearning for that very same precious thing all their lives. Pretending to move on with the heart on their sleeves, they fail to realize that it’s a complicated world of tinder. Swipe it right for a perfect match.

One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder. We will have to set apart the excuses from real efforts to make our dream actually come true. And chip in from time to time to contribute to our bigger picture for turning our fantasies into dreams which will keep reminding us that, all those efforts are not in vain. Maybe one day we’ll find the place where our dreams and reality collide. So just let your hair down and do what you can with all you have, wherever you are. Because when you’ll be back in the street, you’ll find the song worth singing.

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