How to Pay Vendors In India with Credit Card through Paydeck

Whether you are a Payer, who wants to pay a Vendor OR You are a Vendor & want to receive payment from a Payer, with the available Credit Line in your pocket; Credit Card, Now You Have: PAYDECK.


The Onus of Payment & its responsibility is on you, So why not the choice of making payment should be yours?

You may use the Credit Line available in your physical wallet: CEDIT CARD. And Make the payment.

Bring your Vendors onboard. You dont need them to be registered at Paydeck. Just bring their details & signup yourself at Paydeck & make the payment. And the payment shall be sent to them.

Paydeck : The Power to Pay in Card Holders Hand.
  • Send payments in simple steps through our easy-to-use website. Enter recipient’s bank a/c details or simply pay to their mobile/email.
  • Make first payments by entering bank details, next time simply select from existing payee list.
  • Stop depending upon card swiping machines. Use your own digital swiping machine, Paydeck.
  • No need to load money unnecessarily at all apps. Simply use saved card(s) to pay when required through Paydeck.
Reward Points, Credit Score, and More.
  • Paydeck helps you accelerate benefit on your favourite card & associated rewards programs.
  • Meet sign-up bonus spending requirements or attain higher membership status.
  • Build a stronger credit score (CIBIL) or increase your credit worthiness.
  • Earn more points and cash-back rewards by paying your largest invoices through Paydeck.

Small Business Owner?

The old times are gone, when you should have a Payment gateway or a Credit Card swiping machine at your disposal to accept card payments. And nor the time is now of sending paper invoices.

Why not to give your Payers the opportunity of making the payment on credit card? Awesome thing is, your payments will come on time & the payers wont have a reason to delay the payments.

Apart of the above, for you, as a Small Business Owner there are many possibilities which could be explored with your available Credit Line through your Credit Card.

Gain Instant Access to Credit
  • Forget small business loans — you already have a credit line in your wallet. Take advantage of your favourite Credit Card to pay any vendor of yours, regardless of acceptance.
  • Eliminate the Need for Business Loans Use your existing cards to cover unexpected costs or make new investments in your business.
  • Improve Your Business Cash Flow Many business card programs offer 45 or even 60-day interest-free payment periods. Use credit without penalties.
  • Build Trust with Your Vendors With Paydeck, there’s no need to establish new credit lines to make payments up-front and on-time.
Business Economics & Incentives
  • Paying your invoices on Paydeck makes business sense. Advantages include reducing the amount due for all your invoices and minimizing the taxes you owe.
  • Qualify for Better Invoice Payment Terms Many vendors offer better payment terms if you pay earlier. Save money by paying with Paydeck!
  • Deduct the Paydeck Fee On Your Taxes Paydeck’s transactional fees can be classified as a business expense on tax returns. Be smart and reduce your tax burden!
  • Build a Better Credit Score Using your cards actively is great for building your credit history. You’re already paying your invoices. Why not also build your credit score & enhance limit with Paydeck?
Earn More Rewards
  • Turn business expenses into free flights, hotel stays, cash back, and more by using the personal or business credit card that works for you.
  • Take Your Next Vacation For Free On Points Did you know that business class air travel can be a steal when you pay with points? Travel in style with the rewards you earn with Paydeck.
  • Qualify For That Next Tier Of Card Status Have your eye on that Platinum card? It’s remarkably easy to obtain when you start putting business expenses on your cards!
  • Earn GUARANTEED rewards on every Payment you make Use your card to get something back for every payment you make on Paydeck through credit cards. Start with Reward Points.

For a long time we had Credit Cards in our pockets. But to utilise the real benefit of it, was not actually possible. Paydeck makes it possible for you.

Be the Guide of Growth for Paydeck

Think more.. and let us know what you think you want to pay with your Credit Card. And if its possible, we will add that Service too in Paydeck.

We would like to share that most of the service payments category at Paydeck is customers advised & we have just added it after taking required approvals.

Paydeck was launched in 2015 only as a Rent Payment solution on Credit Card for Indians. Today with the users feedback & guidance we are available in more than 10 Categories of payment facilitation on Credit Card.

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