Starting (again) from 0

In November I decided to move from Inshorts to build something from 0 again.

Working for one of the most loved products from India was amazing. During a year of stay we managed to achieve a tremendous increase in DAUs, capitalised on organic downloads, became one of this biggest content distributors and also kicked in our monetisation engine.

After moving on from Inshorts it was time to start something again from scratch. Start from 0! One of the interesting observation while we were planning to start this time was the entire approach to starting up. When we started BetaGlide we were either in college or just out of it and had limited experience. The decisions was mostly driven by founder instincts (which is great in some cases) and it took us almost 1.5–2 years to reach a product market fit.

Starting this time was different!

More than instincts, we are driven by demand and data. Getting inbound data, search trends, competitive index is really important.

Even before launching the product we have talked to more than 50 prospective users. We just had some wire-frames with us when we first approached them and received some valuable feedback. A number of them liked our product vision so much that they voluntarily asked to be part of beta.

Studying and learning from competition is extremely important. We also got a chance to talk to a number of organisations who are using our competition at the moment. A few of them are open to migrate!

It’s extremely important to define MVP from the beginning. Hardest part was to letting features go for this release. But be sure a number of interesting features will be released as we move ahead.

We took some time to figure out our initial go-to-market approach after talking to a number of people in the space similar to us, experimenting with content, adwords etc.

As of now this is just the initial hypothesis which we have. Next few months will be interesting as we test these hypothesis in real world and see the results.

We will be publishing our journey as we move ahead this time.

— — — — — — — — — — —

PS: You can see some of the strategies which we used here:

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