What Game of Thrones Teaches us About Recruitment

Winter is coming this season (7) and we all can’t wait for 16th July to watch the first episode. Game of Thrones never ceases to surprise us and I am sure this season will be no different. While we anxiously wait for these unexpected events, there are few lessons which Game of Thrones gives us on recruitment.

Remove Bias and Bring Objectivity

Flashback to Season 1 when Robert Baratheon was fatally wounded while hunting and named Ned Stark Protector of the Realm, to function as regent until his “son” Joffrey comes of age. Cersei after Robert’s death chose Joffrey as King and charged Ned with treason. Joffrey always lacked the skills to become a King, but thanks to Cersei’s lack of objectivity and biases, he became the King. The rest is history!

Just imagine the world where Cersei after evaluating both the candidates free of bias and objectively, names Ned as the King. We probably wouldn’t have needed Season 2! Sounds bad for entertainment but when doing recruitment for your company always choose objectively and remove any bias. You don’t want to start a GOT season in your company. Do you?

Always Focus on Employer Branding

Night’s Watch, an 8000-year-old army which holds and guards the Wall, once comprised of volunteers from noble houses and people with exceptional skills. The watch was highly regarded and a number of good people volunteered to join. However, Robert Baratheon ignored the wall and Watch lost its brand. Most of the people in Night’s Watch are now criminals avoiding sentences, noble people under exile, who have nowhere no else to go.

If you don’t focus on building creating an employer brand, your quality of candidates and ultimately your hire will drastically decrease no matter how big or famous you are.

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