Why Entertainment apps will make it big in India

As an internet savvy person, you must have heard about apps like Saavn, Gaana and HotStar. Probably they are the evangelist of entertainment apps in India. Saavn also recently raised 100M USD and Gaana/HotStar are supported by some of the biggest media houses in India.

But if we take a close look at app store rankings in India, only one app Saavn recently came into the Top 10 free apps in India (10th July). Taking a close look at the data below (data was downloaded on 8th July 2015) and comparing the India, US, Brazil and UK market for top 20 apps —

Number of entertainment apps among top 20 apps on Android

Number of entertainment apps among top 20 apps on iOS

It can be clearly seen that the number of Entertainment apps in Top 20 across Android and iOS is considerably less (1 in Android and 2 in OS) in India as compared to US ( 3 Android and 5 iOS), Brazil ( 2 Android, 6 iOS) and UK ( 3 Android and 4 iOS).

In the past few days, Saavn has made it to the Top 10 free apps on Android.

If we look at the rank history, of Saavn and Gaana on Android —

Rank history for Saavn
Rank History of Gaana

It’s evident from the above data that — 1. There was a steep increase in ranking in Mid 2014. Saavn had launched a commercial around the same time which was followed by Gaana. 2. As they are spending more on downloads, their ranking is steadily increasing on app store. Saavn’s recent jump with respect to Gaana can be attributed to the same.

In US, the two apps which are there in Top 10 are Netflix and SoundCloud. The Indian equivalent could be HotStar and Gaana/Saavn. Given enough time and thought the same can be witnessed in India as well. Afterall we as Indians love music.

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