Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Creatinine,Urea,Hemoglobin — Stop Dialysis Disease Treatment In India

This is the story of chronic kidney failure patients testimonial who are suffering from kidney disease and due to taking of allophatic medicine his creatinine level gradually increased and doctor has advised to kidney transplant or kidney dialysis. But After taking Ayurvedic medicine of Kidney his creatinine level decreased. This is not a single #Kidney_Disease_Patients_Comment that are get well with #Ayurvedic_treatment_For_Kidney_Failure. There are thousands of patient who are free from kidney dialysis all around the world

How to reduce creatinine level in ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic medicine is very traditional method for ayurvedic treatment for dialysis patient and also medicine to reduce creatinine in blood also also we say that it is the best ayurvedic medicine for kidney creatinine.
firstly ayurvedic medicine slowly reduces the urea and creatinine level and stop kidney dialysis and increased GFR.