Most will tell you that this world is black and white

And when you walk across the street you will find people camouflage

Some will cloak themselves, some will paint themselves and some would stand by the shadows

In the hope that as light fades out it takes away with it all that must be unseen.

Do not blame them.

For there will be days when you would want to camouflage too,

as you sit across the mirror, cursing your eyes for not dreaming in black and white

you will think of all your nightmares.

because you know that there are colors that form religion; and colors that lead to war

yet there are colors that remain spilled over those black pavements

craving for notice, camouflaging as life, as thousands pass by.

There will be those who cover their eyes with thick fabrics to repel the pastels.

Do not blame them.

For there have been days when you have blindfolded yourself too.

At times in an innocent game but at times because the colors you were asked to see

were either too bright, or too cold, or too melancholic, or even too loving

There were times when you saw the velvet moss grow through your walls and you feared

that your world will crack under the weight of it.

There will be those who fear you similarly.

Do not blame them.

For you too have long tried to learn how to unpaint.