Ladder of Fall — Symptoms and Solutions
Kanchan Tripathi

Ajo Nitya

Rung 1 — Distracted -

Solution Contemplate the Abstract — the one doer

Rung 2 — Attached -

Solution Focus the Joy of the attachment with the Sache Patshah.

Rung 3 — Desirous -

Solution Organize your thoughts.

Rung 4 — Angry -

Solution engage in Naam simaran.

Rung 5 — Deluded -

Solution Contemplate upon the inner “I”.

Rung 6 — Amnesiac -

Solution Practice togetherness in satsang.

Rung 7 — Devolved

Solution Become yogic.

Rung 8 — Annihilated

Solution Acknowledge that you are unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval.

ajō nityaḥ śāśvatō.yaṅ purāṇō na hanyatē hanyamānē śarīrē.

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