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Kanchan Tripathi

What does it mean to give up recognition?

Giving up recognition means not to expect praise, not to be singled out, and not to expect a “reward” in return. In other words, be like sugar that sweetens tea. No one praises the sugar; all praise goes to tea.

How does one give up recognition (the deserver -ship attitude):

One finds it easy to give up the attitude of deserver when one sees the body-mind-intellect as an instrument of action (or equipment) that performs the action. One does not say my car deserves praise because the car has driven me from one spot to another. Similarly, treating the body-mind-intellect as an instrument of action, one will not expect recognition for the equipment because all recognition will go to the mover of the equipment(God).

Another way to overcome the need for recognition is to acknowledge everything that has made it possible for one to achieve some desired result. Looking at things this way, one will see that in the big scheme of things, their contribution is very minuscule, not worthy of praise. And when praise comes, one must speak up and acknowledge that all that one does is nothing compared to what God has created. Praise only belongs to Him, who without fail performs His actions. If He waits for praise, the whole world will collapse.


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