Day 5 : Dictionaries in Swift

  1. Dictionary: This is another way of storing collection of data.


var dict: [String:String] = [“name”:”Amrit”]

2. Dictionary do not keep the order of the items.

3. We can access items in Dictionary, by subscripting.

//Accessing Items in Dictionary


4. If Dictionary is immutable then we can change or add more value pairs, however we can add, update key-value pairs in dictionary by:

//Inserting values

dict[“age”] = [“20”]

dict[“age”] = [“20.5”]

//Do not insert Int in String

5. We can also update or remove key value pairs

//updating key value pairs

dict.updateValue(“Amrit Pandey” forKey: “name”)

//removing key value pairs

dict.removeValue(forKey: “age”)

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