The legacy of TRUMP

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture… Do not build up obstacles in your imagination. — Norman Vincent Peale
Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude towards it, for that determines our success or failure. The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You are overcome by the fact because you think you are. — Norman Vincent Peale

Peale, the author of the bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking, was often thought of as the champion of positive thinking or the “God’s salesman!” He was the the head pastor of the Manhattan based Marble Collegiate church. The church had had a close association with the Trump family. Growing up DJT was a frequent visitor to the church along with his family as they would drive down from Queens for the mass service every week.

Trump was married there (the first time) and the church also stood witness to Trump’s parents’ funerals. The ideas that success could be conjured from thin air, and letting facts not come in the way of aspirations were Peale’s key teachings! Success has meant a great deal to Trump and Peale’s sermons had a great impact on Trump growing up, and the legacy he would leave after him.

Legacies are defined far after a man is buried, but this can’t wait. This treads dangerously and it has already taken a shape and no matter how the Republicans (once the party of Lincoln) of 2050 spin it, we live in today’s times and can see this silhouette unfold itself. Having already used “Dangerous” am I trying to write another of the many biased political epitaphs written on Trump? Perhaps not! So who is Trump?

I believe there is goodness in him, which can die a slow death to political censorship, if you have been a politician for far too long. Hillary Clinton would know about this.

His dual legacies:

The successful businessman

It was my first time in America, back in the August of 2015! I had temporarily moved to New York for a string of business meetings and was to be in town till the end of the year. On my very first weekend, I had some time for shopping and at some store on the 5th Avenue, I got carried away and decided to add — Donald J Trump signature collection Tie and Belt to my collection ahead of my meetings. The Trump brand, to many of us in India and elsewhere in the world meant a sign of success! NBC had fed the sitcom Friends and the reality show Apprentice globally! Trump was an unpleasant man, unlike someone like a Michael Bloomberg, but thanks to Apprentice, he seemed to always be in control. Success has many friends. Credit where its due, the man has always had a tremendous work ethic and has always been a rainmaker and a wonderful negotiator.

The legacy of the 45th I sincerely believe DJT has the best interests of America in his heart, he does believe in making allies too(even if its Russia), and wants America to be seen as the greatest nation of all. The mind does come in the way! Where does he falter? Perhaps in his upbringing and what he has become: entitled!

We often try to cohort men into kinds, the good ones and the bad, the white ones and the black, the supremacists, the racists, the rogue ones and the abiding, the rich and the poor. One classification we however never came up with is the privileged and the entitled! While one is lucky to be born privileged, feeling entitled is a faction of vanity.

Being born rich or poor is mere a chance, but taking being rich to be a virtue, and being poor a social indicator of failure is where things go wrong! The 45th has looked at poverty as a function of one’s intelligence! He in his many writings pushes the idea that the rich are smarter than the poor! Rich for sure are more privileged, but a president should not go beyond that. He judges people by their financial muscle and fails to understand the struggles of someone who is not as privileged. Peale’s positiveness has numbed his appreciation for a headstart or the lack of it. Being wealthy is not just an outcome of working smart deals, but many corporate writings may have lead our man to believe so.

Born wealthy as well as the lack of experience in public policy may have numbed Trump’s understanding of what keeps some neighbourhoods in The Bronx many years behind the Flatiron district in Manhattan.

Shuttling between his Ivory tower and the White House, the narcissism only gets a stronger wind! While each one of us has that gene, the combination of being rich, being white in America, being a celebrity and a CEO, and the super ingredient — being IGNORANT makes him the man he is!

Randall Pinkett, the winner of the 2005 season of The Apprentice, recalls his first day at work at the Trump corporation- “Trump was methodically working through a foot-high stack of magazines and newspapers on his desk. Each item in the stack had a Post-it note; and Trump took an item off the top of the stack, put it on his desk and opened it at the Post-it note. He read the relevant article then put it to the side. I was wondering, if he is reading current trends in real estate, or stock market coverage, is he reading about global business? I realise everything he’s looking at is an article about himself.’“Apparently somebody’s job responsibility is to find all this stuff and to organise it for him to read. I can only conclude that Donald loves reading about Donald.”

About three years ago somebody accused Donald of being a racist and Donald’s response to the racism claim was, ‘I hired Randal Pinkett as my apprentice and he has done an outstanding job, so how could I be a racist?’ About a year ago, when Randall held a press conference stating that he didn’t think Donald was fit to be president, Trump’s response was: ‘Randal’s a failure and he did a terrible job for me.’

He may not be a racist, he is a little worse- a selfist. I still would call Trump IGNORANT, not unsmart. He can be a shrewd politician. He is smart to know who his voters are and he fed into their fears, of how immigrants take away jobs and those who do not are either rapists, smugglers or at least mugglers! He has been a good businessman, he was in the business of Real Estate, where bending the truth and branding the enemy are necessary tools. He has used Peale’s sermons well and would not let facts come in the way of his storytelling! While as a business or as an individual, Peale’s teachings may have served him well, but as a president, of a country where there are distinct have and have not clusters, overlooking doesn’t help! He has to be everyone’s president, not just of his supporters!

No liberal would have voted for him and running on a democratic ticket would have not served him. He is smart to make those calculations. He is also patriotic to not drive America into abyss, but whatever lies in between (b/w losing his vote base, and relegating America to abyss) and feeds into his ego, he is capable of doing. It could be his wanting to use the term “Repeal and replace” every two weeks, or being the one who said “O Jerusalem”!

O Americans” if you could too, on Nov 3, 2020, Repeal and replace!