Instagram Stories VS Snapchat

Reach VS Content

I didn’t like Instagram Stories when it was released a month ago, decided not to use it since I thought 24 hours post concept won’t work with an open network like Instagram, since it was originally created by Snapchat to share pictures within people’s own circles. later, after nearly 3 years of using Snapchat I started to totally depend on Instagram Stories basically because of the reach & virality dimension. I don’t even remember when is the last time I posted a story on Snapchat, numbers also tell that I am not the only one started to do, this brings us to two points

- One of Steve Job’s main successful concepts was “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”.. Snapchat Team thought the app was cool because one of the main features it’s among people’s own circles, people thought the same, then when Instagram Stories was released, the whole equation changed

- Snapchat team’s focus for the last year was only on generating content, new creative filters with funny animals, fruits, flowers, sounds & Geofilters, live integrated channels inside the app & so on, they didn’t care about creating new ways of delivering content than classic people’s contact list, I think the 400M daily shared photos app will pay off this soon

On the other hand, Mark knows exactly what his target audience want in this era, so the team whole focus is on creating new features helping individuals to reach new segments & going viral, with latest features include Instagram Explore & Facebook Live, they’re already working on Messenger Stories Beta version & I think soon if they continue in this direction there will be Whatsapp Public Channel or something with the same concept