• Antonio Altamirano

    Antonio Altamirano

    Tech Entrepreneur

  • Jafar Hajeer

    Jafar Hajeer


  • Jonathan Tarud

    Jonathan Tarud

    Founder @koombea, passionate about lean startup, fresh sushi and shiny new gadgets.

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones

    BizDev Partner for @Harmer_Chicago. It's all about the tech talent you connect your clients with! Family, Hoops, #ITStaffing! #DoWork #MJstaffing

  • Karen Thurmond

    Karen Thurmond

  • Ricardo Del Rio

    Ricardo Del Rio

    Founder/CEO AUGURIUS (Predicción Market in spanish language with latino savoir/ Industrial Psychologist, HR Consultant, SGI Buddhist

  • Ali Bin Yahia

    Ali Bin Yahia

    Users Experience expert,Front-end developer,and TweetToEmail Founder.

  • ZacharyCohn


    Head of Product at DemandStar. Exited: Amazingairfare.net. Board Member @IgniteSea. Formerly @18F & @StartupWeekend.

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