Come Stay at Amro Vantage!

Amro Vantage is a company that provides luxury student accommodations in both Kingston and Winchester. If you plan to go to school in these areas, this may be the perfect place for you to find a new home that is easy, convenient and fun!
 The all inclusive rent covers everything from utilities, in-house maintenance and fast and reliable Internet access. Content insurance is also provided to protect all of your property from harm. Amro Vantage’s homes have staff available at all times to help you with whatever needs you have while living with them. Services like postage and laundry rooms are available for the convenience of all residents, and extra assistance, like airport pick up, can be done upon request. 
Amro Vantage seeks to create a community within its homes, and provides communal areas where residents can meet and have fun together; housekeeping is available to keep these areas clean. The staff also holds periodic social gatherings and parties for its tenants to enjoy. A limited number of rooms can also cater to double occupancy in some of its locations.
 Most contracts with Amro Vantage last for fifty-one weeks, allowing you to live in their houses throughout the school year. A separate contract allowing you to stay during the summer is also available in most cases. 
 Currently three houses are available with Amro Vantage: Bright House and Greencoat House in Kingston, and Riverside House in Winchester. A fourth house, on Andover Road in Winchester, is currently being planned and will be available in the near future.
 So if you are looking for a place to live comfortably in Kingston or Winchester during your university career, you should look into Amro Vantage. Arrange a viewing and you’ll see that this is the sort of place that you want to call home!