Nivesaa turns 3

There were princesses and queens all around. I saw at least one prince and a king. ;) A palace no less it was. I was at Nivesaa.

Food and drinks, pictures & boomerangs posted to insta, free and fun dance to some peppy music, conversations and soft presence, all we saw.

Celebration was the name of the game. Red carpet was the theme. Pot luck was the glue. The students, friends and family, dance mates all around. I am sure it was fun.

Chocolate we love and how we do when it’s in the form of a wonderful cake. Nothing of it was left. Silent groups had hived off parts of it to peck on. ;) I joined one too. Don’t tell anyone. Ha ha. :-D

Urban hip hop and bollywood, contemporary and salsa, belly and fitness groups met on one floor at a time. Styles were discussed. Lessons on Piano and music flowed too. We are all more than what we seem at first. Strange conversations about startups were heard too. Nivesaa is one too. I realise.

The founders watched. The evolution was visible. The life was there. The energy was there. And man, did they love it? Parents, brothers were missed. Friends we wished were there remembered. Magic was in the air and nostalgia too.

The cake was cut. Hugs shared. The lovely decorative lights brought the feel. The bees around also could not resist coming in.

As the cake melted into the mouth, the realisation struck. Nivesaa was not a toddler anymore.

Nivesaa was 3.

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