Musings of a secretly miserable girl!

It has taken me about two years to get here! Are you wondering where ‘here’ is? It is today…right now…where I have decided I am going to post my writings to my Facebook handle and be only mildly worried about whether it is going to be good enough for those who read it. I have decided to try this whole ‘new year resolutions’ scheme that people seem to buy into every year. At the beginning of this new year, I make a resolve to write more for myself!

Let me give you a context! Last year was great for me. I made several friends, hung out with them quite frequently (ok I am lying…I cancelled my plans with them frequently at the last minute), watched as many movies as I could, read as many books as I wanted to (we all know there is no such thing as enough books), over ate almost every single day, followed through on an unspoken resolve to never diet or exercise. Most important of all, I had a great year at work (I cannot even begin to explain just how great it was).

But (and there is always a but), it was largely a sad year! I think that is my personality now. If you are thinking right now — “what the hell is she talking about? She is laughing and smiling all the time.” Well, I would like to welcome you to a society of the ‘Secretly miserable.’ Outwardly, we seem like the most friendly people, like we are having the time of our lives but secretly we are the most miserable lot. Yes, we are a new, but growing breed. Accept my wholehearted welcome…hope you don’t have to stay!

While I found myself becoming sad at the drop of the hat on some days for no apparent reason whatsoever, I resorted to writing a chain of emails every time I felt sad(I called them ‘Counting my blessings’) to remind myself of the good things. I found that writing is so much better than a good cry can ever be! It is like putting into words what you feel and just sending it out into the universe and letting it take care of the rest.

I have grown attached to writing and it is now time to give some direction to my thoughts. So, going back to my resolve to write more this year, I want you — the readers- to know that every time something exceptionally hilarious or sad or frustrating or just random happens to me every time this year, I am going to write about it. I might not, however, have the courage to post it for the public to read every time I write.

Now, this is where you come in. I am going to need your help! You are going to help me follow through on this, because I would really love to end 2018 as a better writer than I am today on January 1, 2018. I want to come back to this post on December 31, 2018 and think ‘Yuck! You called yourself a writer then!’

So, promise me now that you will help me! If it has been a few days and you don’t see a new post on my timeline — just ping me on whatsapp or post to my facebook wall or tweet at me or DM me on instagram.

And, every time I do post something, please leave your comments and tell me what you think about. Constructive criticism is what is going to get me through this guys! Now, don’t be unkind or mean for the sake of it and if you are one of those ‘know-it-alls’, I will straight up destroy you (verbally, you know I will).

Well, until next time then!

Amruta (Secretly Miserable Girl)