5 Reasons to Love Power Cuts

Power cuts is becoming more and more common in India, particularly in Bangalore, so here is short list of ten good side

  1. If you are working from home, then you can always blame it on Power cuts for work not done and chill off that day, it will be like paid leave
  2. If Power Cut is in the evening, then you can have a nice candlelight dinner at you home with you better or worser half :). This save a ton of money spent on taking the person to five star hotels, isn’t it awesome
  3. During Power Cuts, traffic signals won’t work, so you can always blame it on power cuts to reach office late
  4. If your company has scheduled conference calls in the evening, you can always miss that boring meeting by giving a nice power cut reason, this save the torture from big executives
  5. You can turn off you mobile phone and not receive company calls and blame it power cuts due to which you were unable to recharge your phone. You can also use this reason for not reading late night company emails.

So, who says Power Cuts is all bad and unproductive, there are several reason to enjoy Power Cuts and lack of electricity.