List Of Companies That Donate To Schools

3 min readAug 8, 2022


In today’s world, it’s always essential to educate individuals regardless of the status of their families. Hence, donating a certain sum of money can eventually benefit students and help them be a part of the best educational programs.

When the school receives funds, it can help them cope with the purchases and provide better student resources. So, with this article, you will know more about the companies that donate to schools.

Charity Safaris

As Charity Safaris finds numerous ways to raise money, it works with hunting outfitters to secure 100% donations for a worthy cause. As soon as the auction gets over, the team offers a hunting trip to the winner at no cost. The individual can think about a hunting trip in countries like New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina.

In May 2022, the Ice Hockey Club of Mount Olive High School raised $6,500 with trip donations. To offer scholarships to deserving students, Mendham High School was happy to raise more than $3000 through a golf outing held in New Jersey.


As Mark Zuckerberg moved ahead in life, he established the “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative” along with his wife, Priscilla Chan. While he runs the non-profit foundation, he always considers building a better future for children.

The initiative also paces ahead with a mission to help today’s children learn at the best possible rate. Hence, the initiative has now donated millions of dollars to school districts nationwide. Moreover, the team has also donated millions to numerous firms that offer quality education.


Through the years, Bill and Melinda Gates have been running a foundation to focus on quality K-12 education. While the initiative invests in many programs, it also aims to enhance teacher-student relationships. Additionally, the foundation is known for giving direct donations to many schools.

On the other hand, Bill and Melinda work closely with communities and educators to check out more innovative solutions. Such solutions can help unlock many students’ potential and enhance the existing programs.


Besides offering Google Education Services, the team at Google works hard to provide grants to many schools worldwide. Once the team works with a common goal, it focuses on lending help to solve the significant problems in education.

In addition, Google also offers community grants for the overall development of communities and local schools. The organization has already given funds to professional development (PD) programs to significantly impact computer science teachers worldwide.


Over time, Coca-Cola is always committed to helping schools with 1 percent of the prior year’s income. As the entire team is concerned about the development of the education sector, the foundation offers education grants for different states.

The employees can also think about personal contributions to the schools through the Coca-Cola Matching Gifts Program. The contributions of the professionals are also given to non-profit organizations that focus on teaching students.


Since its establishment, Disney has offered more than 100,000 backpacks, reusable bags, and water bottles to schools in Central Florida. The team has supported many students and teachers through the “A Gift for Teaching” program.

For many years, the company has helped college students to gain scholarships. In the past financial year, charitable giving was 294 million dollars. Subsequently, many underrepresented communities have received more than 150 million dollars.


With the prime objective of making the world a better place, Starbucks has offered funds for a $1.5 million campaign to help more than 2000 young children.

Once the schools receive the funds, they are successful in providing training to preschool teachers and preparing young children for primary school. Besides everything else, Starbucks welcomes many education-focused companies to apply for a donation.


You will come across many organizations that donate to schools. Charity Safaris has always succeeded in donating a considerable sum of money to schools through its hunting trips. While Facebook’s Foundation has been actively involved in donating money to schools, the initiative of Microsoft has donated millions of dollars for high-quality education. Besides funding professional development (PD) programs, Google has directly given donations to numerous schools. Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Disney are some other companies that continue to donate to educational institutes.