What if Facebook got such three features!

Amr Zakaria
5 min readJul 1, 2015

“Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.” -Mark Zuckerberg

Many Pages, Events, and Content are getting lost in such a huge amount of data being shared daily on Facebook! Usually our newsfeeds are diversed by our different friends cultures; but what if you want to go much broader than ever, spreading to many different cultures/countries than your limited connections!

I’d like to present three suggested features to make the world really more open and connected via Facebook; making you able to browse precisely what’s happening in every single country in world:

1. Job Board:

Definitely, a job board being held and organized by Facebook would be the largest job portal in whole world!

(Suggested Design for Facebook Job Board)

How many companies are already posting their vacancies as (Hiring Posts/Sponsored Ads), which after all will reach to a very limited audience based on their page likes/followers, specially with local companies/pages.

However, Imagine how many vacancies will be easily reached to users; and hosted by many local and international companies world wide if there is a single Facebook job-board connects them all!

I’ve designed an example of what it should looks like as a Job-Center; enables you to:

  1. Search for specific keywords/jobs avilable by all pages and companies world wide.
  2. Customize your search by specific Job Level, Date Posted, Company Type and sure by Country!
  3. Follow specific pages to be updated regulary with any comming job vacancies.
  4. Get an overview of what are the most jobs available, companies hiring and their requirments.
  5. Save your job preferences and vacancies in order to apply later.
A call-to-action for companies to share their current vacancies

If you are a company or a job provider; you’ll be able to post a job “either paid or not” that can be reached by the whole Facebook community; which eventually will raise your page engagement and get you the best candidates.

Nonetheless; some might say why making a job-board on Facebook while there are several portals such Linkedin ?! .. Well; This doesn’t mean to build a professional profile or even applying through Facebook, think of it as just a way to browse new jobs posted on the largest social engagement platform! Each company has its own way to apply in, either by their website/e-mail or even by your Linkedin Account .. and Honestly, most people are using their Linkedin Accounts more socially, less professionally!

2. Facebook Trends:

Ever wondered about what’s going on around you? and I mean by “around you” is far away than your own home town, friends, interests!

(Suggested Design of Facebook Trends)

Usually If you search for a Hashtag on Facebook Search; most of results will be your friends talking about this hashtag; but what if you’ve just few friends, or not in that community that helps you to know more people ?

What if you don’t know currently what are most popular topics being mentioned around the world? What if I need to know what’s really happening in specific country?

What is the most trending topic (world wide) with its own sharing results and most countries using — Suggested Design

Nonetheless; I like to see such a special page that shows Facebook trends all over the world; I can check what is the most popular topic, with how many photos/posts shared as well as how many people are talking about it!

Filter Topics by Countries — Suggested Design

Also, Broaden your social horizons by being able to filter each country specifically to see what are the most trending topics in there; specially when you’re planning to visit or dwell in this country for while and need to understand its people culture, and what they talk about the most! … and definitely you’ll be able to search for Hashtags more than easy! That’s really would help a lot!

3. Culture Center:

Our Facebook newsfeed depends heavily on “Friends you know/follow, Pages & Events you like, Activities of your Friends” .. and for the Search if you don’t already know specific Person/Company/Page per name you’ll defnitly get lost, specially for local/regional pages you can’t find them easily.

What if I needed to renew and enrich my newsfeed with more content on Music, Art, Natural Life .. etc ? — or getting updated with all events happening around within next few weeks unless I got invited or noticed them by chance! You’ll not be able to find precisely all pages of your interest on your own home country? Then what if internationally!

I thought of a page called “Culture Center” which I can use to enhance my newsfeed to any topic/interest I like, or even to improve current Facebook search and no more pages got lost in the middle!

Through this page I can search for keywords such as “Education”; then I can search specifically on People/Public Figures interested in Education!, Popular pages being shared under same category of interest; events happening soon on Education … etc

Even more! I can more precise filtering by type of page “for example” (university, institute, online website, ministry .. etc), or by page likes, and whether a verified page/figure or not.

By the way, last two features are very usful when it comes to traveling and being in need to know more about specific country’s culture, most trending topics, specific and popular pages/people in your field of interest!

I’d love any of the Facebook team could reach and read this.

Thanks for Reading!