Spirituality & Entrepreneurship

Spirituality is usually perceived as the highest level of self attainment for an individual. Oneness with life and soul. Mythological books like Bhagavadgita have been the drivers of human knowledge since ancient times. In a era of business startups, how does spirituality overlap with entrepreneurship?

There are two basic motivations for the entrepreneur. The first is the money-making side of the business, the bottom line. The second motivation is self-fulfillment, a spiritual sense of purpose. Defining the terms of spirutiality in a business is the first step for the powerful intersection of spirituality and entrepreneurship. A business with ‘Vision’, ‘Humanity’ & ‘Character’.

What makes one visualise beyond the lines of analytical thinking? Let’s say being inspired, feeling hopeful, thinking futuristic and being wise. Applying the whole aspect of spirituality for cross-cultural awekening at a workplace triggers the sense of humanity across different geographic origins. The sense of responsibility, dependability, accountability, honesty, just, fairness and all build on the business character for a founder.

If a leader, a company, or an entrepreneur doesn’t have Character, then their Vision and Humanity won’t be trusted. A lack of soul (in spiritual terms) can render irrelevant, even the most advanced innovations and technology. Damage control for losing Character and trust in ones Vision and Humanity is time consuming.

The very soul of business needs to be addressed by explaining how vision and humanity intersect and how character drives all of this? Defining user friendly strategies and upholding damage control definitions are a monumental task which makes an entruprenuer artticulate the concept of spirituality sooner or later. “Later” in a fast moving world such as ours is termed “too late”.

Inspiration — American Diversity Report.

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