Whether as cashier or consumer, everyone plays the retail game. Please, we beg of you, make your moves good.

As retail workers, we are quite accustomed to the feeling that customers — oh, I’m sorry, our guests — see us as just the help. We are ignored at best and, at worst, berated for merely doing our jobs.

A typical customer/clerk interaction looks very much like the following examples.

Exhibit A:

CLERK: Hi! How are you today?

CUSTOMER: Just looking. Thanks.

The CLERK’S audible response: “That’s fine. Just let me know if you need anything.”

The CLERK’S internal response: ‘Okay, Mr. Rude, but I didn’t ask what you are doing. I asked how you are doing.’

Another one of…

Amber M. Smith

Reading, writing, and music are my true loves. People and animals are tied for a close second. I long to travel the world. Nature is our mother, respect her. ❤

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