Deadly Devotion (Soulscape #4)


“The broken locks were a warning

You got inside my head
 I tried my best to be guarded

I’m an open book instead
 I still see your reflection

Inside of my eyes
 That are looking for a purpose

They’re still looking for life.”


Dust particles floated in the sunrays streaming through the windows that were long overdue for a thorough scrubbing. A thin film of dust layered the hardwood floor and settled on the old furniture throughout the living room. Frank pocketed the house key and looked at Alec. “I’m sorry it isn’t nicer. But after a little TLC…”

Alec walked through the living room, leaving faint footprints on the dusty floor behind him. “It’s fine,” he said. He turned around and looked at Frank. “Is there a bed?”

“A bed?” Frank smiled. “I’m sure there is.” To say the place came furnished was all in how one looked at it. There was ‘furniture’, though it left much to be desired and most of which would be headed for the burn pile as soon as Frank could purchase suitable replacements. Pretty much anything would be a suitable replacement. He had bought the place from a photo alone, which he realized wasn’t smart. But he hadn’t had time to be picky. He needed a place for him and Alec that was secluded. He clung to the possibility that there was hope for Alec, but to cultivate the glimmer of ‘humanity’ that he insisted he saw in the boy — he had to keep Alec away from others, at least for the time being.

Frank gazed at the young man, Alec’s question — Is there a bed? — lingering in the air between them. He moved closer to Alec and rested his hands on the boy’s waist. “Why do you ask?” He kissed him softly. “What could you possibly want with a bed?”

Alec didn’t answer the question. “Where is it?”

“Hm.” A low throb thumped Frank’s crotch. Alec’s simple responses had a way of turning Frank on more quickly than if the boy talked dirty. “Well, I don’t know exactly,” he murmured. “Let’s go find it.”

Frank took Alec’s hand and walked him toward the stairs. Dust clung to the banister, and cobwebs laced between the balusters — a graveyard of dead bugs and air particle debris. The wooden stairs creaked beneath their feet but felt sturdy enough. Perhaps he wouldn’t have to do an entire overhaul of the place, just some “cosmetic surgery”.

The upstairs hallway was laid with a thin carpet that was partially disintegrated and would definitely have to go. No cleaning would salvage that. Frank had yet to come upon a crook or cranny that didn’t require thorough cleansing. The floral wallpaper was dried, cracked and peeling. Frank could envision a pleasant white oak paneling in its place. The condition of the house didn’t discourage him. He kind of preferred a fixer-upper, something that required hands on attention and care, that he could put his heart into. Alec’s fingers absently squeezed his hand and Frank looked at the boy. Like Alec. A bit rough on the exterior…but underneath, a beautiful vision just waiting for the right person to come along and bring it to life.

Frank knew the emotional risk of such precarious hope. Was he just seeing these things in Alec because he wanted to see them? Unfortunately his profession forced him to consider that he might be fooling himself into believing things about Alec that weren’t actually valid. But Frank was in too deep. Maybe he hadn’t said the words out loud…still, he loved Alec. And he wasn’t one to give up on those he loved. He understood now, that that was why he had tried so hard with Alec during his stay at the asylum. In their own way, he and Alec had instantly bonded the day he came to Frank. What had begun as a “fatherly” affection for the boy, had gradually transformed into something much deeper and compelling.

Come hell or high water — he would stand by Alec to the end.

“Here.” Alec pushed open one of the doors and they entered a large, airy bedroom flooded with sunlight. As was true of the rest of the house, the room was layered in dust and claimed by spider webs. A full-sized bed with an old fashioned metal head and foot frame was situated between the two tall windows. A hand sown quilt comforter covered the mattress. Alec released Frank’s hand and walked to the bed. He stared at it a moment then looked at Frank. “Will this do?”

Frank couldn’t resist the smile that grabbed his lips. “Yes.” He joined Alec at the bedside. “But we should at least shake the dust out of the blanket.” He tugged the quilt off the bed and went to the window, opened it up, then shook the blanket vigorously. A plume of dust exploded into the air and Frank coughed, then laughed. “Damn. I wonder how many years of accumulate dust was in there.” He shook it some more until the bulk of the dust was gone, floating out the open window, then returned it to the bed.

The quilt was hardly spread across the mattress again before Alec pushed Frank down on the bed, on his back. Frank grinned and scooted to the center of the mattress as Alec climbed on top of him, sitting on his crotch — which was, by now, sufficiently solid. The boy rubbed his hands slowly under Frank’s shirt and up his body.

A shaky breath shuddered in Frank’s throat and he caressed Alec’s arms and shoulders, then cupped his neck. “This is going to be our home, Alec,” he said softly. “A real home. You deserve a real home.” Alec leaned down and kissed his lips, then his throat. “An honest to goodness house to call a home.” When Alec raised his head, Frank stroked his thumbs over the boy’s cheeks. “I’ve always wanted the best of life for you, Alec. Even when I felt powerless to give it to you.”

A shadow of a smile played at the edge of Alec’s mouth. “You are the best of life, doc,” he said. “And you always gave me your best.” He sank lower and touched his lips to Frank’s mouth. “You were never powerless.”

“That’s good to know.” Frank pushed into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Alec, squeezing the boy against him.

Alec moaned. “Do you still want to talk? Or can we fuck now?”

There was something strangely erotic in the young man’s “neutral” tone, his simple statements proving to be highly stimulating. Frank smiled. “Definitely fuck.”

“Good.” Alec stripped Frank’s shirt off and licked down his body, leaving a pleasant dampness on Frank’s skin. His teeth snagged the button of Frank’s pants and popped it loose, as he pinched the zipper tongue between two fingertips and slid it down, folding back the open fly. His mouth covered the bulge in Frank’s briefs as his cock strained for freedom, and sucked hard.

“God!” Frank gasped, his hips jerking. Though the “exterior” changed — it was always the same Alec within, and it was evident in the way he pleasured Frank. Though with each new body, a skiff of the other boy’s sexual talents peeked through, which Alec capitalized upon. It had only been two weeks since Alec had taken Zeke, but already Frank had learned to differentiate between Alec’s special skills — and those that Zeke brought to the table. Yet somehow it never felt like he was with two “separate” boys, rather a beautiful, mind blowing concoction of them both in one.

“I like how fast you get hard, doc.” Alec pulled down the front of his briefs and released Frank’s rigid cock, then licked up the full length of it.

“Uh!” Frank groaned tightly, and smiled, breath shaky. “I’d have to say all the credit goes to you.” Shit. Frank shuddered as the boy’s tongue slithered all around his shift, wetting his flesh with saliva from the head down to his balls. “Oh my God…” Frank whimpered when Alec plucked at his heavy sack with his strong lips before his tongue darted out and scooped his balls into his mouth. “Uuhhh…” His hips lifted as he ground his heels into the old mattress, unmindful of the springs pushing up against his ass and lower back. “Yes, baby…fuck…that feels so good.” Seconds later, his throbbing cock was shoving into Alec’s throat as the young man pushed down on him until his lips brushed pubic hair. “Fuu-uuck! Alec! Fuck, baby — suck me.

Alec suck and stroked, nearly swallowing Frank’s member as it squeezed half way down into his tight, slick throat canal. Frank’s head went light then began to spin as Alec worked his throat against his cock and pumped him faster, sucking harder.

“Holy fuck, baby…” Frank grabbed Alec’s hair in tense fists. “You’re gonna make me fucking come.” His body arched as Alec shoved down on him and held. Frank knew the cue and began to thrust, sliding his swollen shaft in and out of Alec’s throat, desperate for release. “Oh fuck, baby! Fuck-fuck-fuuuck!” He clenched Alec’s strands, straining the roots as his body arched and he burst. Alec sucked up and down his cock, swallowing his seed eagerly. “Oh God…ahhh fuck, Alec…yes, baby, yes…” He pulled Alec off him and up his body, then kissed him hard. “Fuck me, baby,” he trembled as he tasted his own come on Alec’s tongue. “I want you inside me now.”

It thrilled Frank how willing Alec was to take the dominant role. Frank loved to fuck Alec, bury himself so deep inside the boy — it was heaven — but he was equally in love with the feel of Alec taking him. The boy could fuck like a champion. And when Alec took control, it gave Frank a sense of comfort and safety — as if Alec were enveloping him with his protection. He’d realized quite recently that not only was he Alec’s refuge…but Alec was his as well.

A dark smile jerked Alec’s lips and he slid back down Frank’s body — kissing, licking, sucking his damp, heated skin — then dragged Frank’s pants off his legs, leaving the man stark naked on the bed before him. Alec’s eyes burned with want as he began to strip out of his own clothes. Frank watched his beautiful, aroused body come into full view, the ache in him heightening when he noted the steel hardness of the boy’s cock, stiff with fierce desire.

Frank shivered, his skin bumping and heart racing out of control as he beckoned Alec to him. “Come here, beautiful,” he shuddered. “I want you so bad.”

“I want you, too, doc.” Alec crawled onto the bed and Frank spread his legs. His stare gripping Frank’s eyes, Alec wet his cock with spit then began pushing inside Frank.

“Uuh!” Frank’s breath caught sharply and his body tensed as Alec slid his thick, hard member through Frank’s tight inner cavern. “Oh my God…” he swallowed unsteadily, fresh beads of sweat sprouting across his brow. He grabbed his own heavy cock and stroked himself slowly, feeling the hardness creeping back in with each controlled thrust of Alec’s hips as he long stroked Frank’s ass, giving him every inch then pulling out to the head of his cock, then sliding back in again…back and forth…in and out…pushing…pulling…until Frank was panting and gasping — and tugging harder on his own stiffening shaft.

Alec groaned, his lovely face tense with sexual desire. He leaned over Frank and added force to his thrusts, maintaining the long strokes, raking Frank’s prostate with each firm pump of his hips. “I like fucking your ass, doc,” Alec shuddered. “It feels real good.” His unsteady breath and fevered eyes stimulated Frank’s libido to new heights and his cock turned rock hard in his fist.

“I like how you fuck my ass,” Frank moaned, his eyes heavy. He squeezed his dick and pumped himself a little faster. “That feels real good.”

“Do you want me to fuck you harder?” Alec asked.

Frank whimpered. “Oh God yes.”

His answer seemed to please Alec and the young man thrust with increased urgency — faster, deeper, harder — his breath bursting from his lips in short sharp puffs as he hovered over the top of Frank, his skin taking on a glossy sheen as he let loose of his control and fucked Frank more wildly.

“Fuck Yes!” Frank choked out on a thick cry and rocked with Alec’s erratic rhythm, his fist whipping up and down his own shaft in time with their fucking. “Oh my God! Alec…fuck…you’re gonna make me come again, baby…uuuhhh!

Alec squeezed fists of the quilt on either side of Frank’s head, breath surging through his nostril as sweat dripped from his fevered body. “Uuh doc!” he grunted hard, ragged, his jaw clenching as he pounded himself into Frank. The old springs on the bed squeaked and groaned loudly as the metal frame bumped forcefully against the wall, the bed legs scraping against the hardwood floor. “Fuck! Uuuhh!” Alec yelled and fucked him like a jackhammer. His burning eyes bore into Frank. “Come, doc,” he hissed tightly, tensely, on the very edge of orgasm. “Come with me.”

That simple yet powerful request shoved Frank over the edge. He yelled and burst, pumping strong shots of come all over them both. His release finished Alec off and the boy grunted then shouted — and filled him with hot come.

“Someone’s coming,” Alec panted erratically.

Frank chuckled, his body still caught in the throes of his orgasm. “Someone just did.”

A sudden frown pinching his face, Alec shook his head. “Someone’s coming up to the house.”

“What?” Frank breathed. “Are you sure?”

“I can hear them-”

A solid knock on the front door echoed through the large farm house — and Frank’s pulse spiked in an all-new and unpleasant manner.


“Wait here.” Frank kissed Alec and crawled off the bed. He grabbed up his pants. “I’ll go see who it is.”

The doc’s sudden erratic pulse was evident in his unsteady breath and the tremor in his hands as he pulled on his trousers and fastened the snap.

Alec laid naked on the quilt and watched him, his dark eyes probing the doc’s face. “You don’t want me to come with you,” he said calmly. It wasn’t a question. The doc had brought him out here to keep him away from people. Alec understood. He didn’t like most people, and when he didn’t like them — bad things happened to them.

“Alec…” Frank slipped into his shirt and left the front open as he leaned across the mattress and kissed Alec again. “We have to be cautious, that’s all. Just let me see who it is first.”


Frank smiled and nuzzled his ear. “I’ll get rid of them,” he whispered. “Then we can…” He nibbled Alec’s earlobe. “…have some more fun.”

Alec liked the doc’s version of fun. He smiled. “I like having fun with you, doc.”

Laughing softly, the doc kissed him more deeply, a quiet groan in his throat. “I like having fun with you, too, Alec.” He withdrew and began buttoning his shirt as he walked to the bedroom door. “I’ll be right back.”

Alec watched him exit the room then left the bed and went to the window. He couldn’t see who it was that had come to the door, but knew there was at least a man and a woman. And the man wasn’t happy about being there.

‘Why the hell did you drag me over here?’ the man growled.

‘They’re our new neighbors,’ the woman answered quietly. ‘It’s the hospitable thing to do, to welcome them.’

There was something in her tone of voice that vibrated deep within Alec. Something…wrong.

Alec gathered his clothes and began to dress.