André Staltz: Reactive Progamming is no longer niche 🙌

We asked André about his background and the future of Reactive Programming

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May 18, 2018 · 4 min read

We’re bringing you an interview with André Staltz, an independent consultant and the author of Cycle.js. He’s enthusiastic about reactive programming and functional programming, and he’s currently helping build an open source peer-to-peer social network with Scuttlebutt, while supporting his existing open source libraries like Cycle.js and others.

How do you usually introduce yourself?

How did you end up being a developer? What do you love the most about your work?

Will Reactive Programming dominate JavaScript community, and if yes, how soon?

What’s the main con of RP?

How hard it’s to start adopting RP full scale and how much time could it take to feel comfortable with it?

Which recent project/event contributed the most to the adoption of Reactive Programming in the JS community?

Is the web platform ready for truly peer-to-peer apps?

So the common approach for people building the new Web is to ship entirely new browsers, for example, Brave, Beaker, Blockstack browser, or to ship extensions for existing browsers (e.g. Metamask). The web was originally meant to be an authoring-and-consumption platform, so early browsers had features where you could create a website. We need to return to those principles, and add modern features aligned with our expectations as modern web users, in order to build the web we deserve: without middlemen, with easy authoring and publishing, and with data ownership.

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