How we chose our gorgeous venue this year ✨

In 2018, Zuiderkerk is the place to be for every JavaScript developer

Hey everyone, AmsterdamJS Conference is stepping up this year! We promise you're going to be amazed by many things, and the venue will definitely be one of them.

How come? Well, there have been many places up for hosting us, but we managed to book one of the most picturesque venues in Amsterdam. Rembrandt loved it, Monet painted it, and now it's ready to inspire JavaScript pros like you.

Zuiderkerk is a famous church built in the 17th century and located in Amsterdam's city center. In its surroundings, you'll find everything that's typical for the city — gorgeous streets with brick houses, canals, and speeding cyclists. 😉

Even though churches have always been the places that provided education, Zuiderkerk hasn't served as one since 1929. Since the late 70s, it has had a second life as a municipal center holding exhibitions, shows, and conferences just like ours. Currently, it has the right Amsterdam vibe that our community loves, and so will you.

Just take a look at a couple of pics and videos we picked:

So… are you convinced? 🤔

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