Case Study of Ugo Monye- A Message to all Tailors

There are agbadas and there are AGBADAs.

I was really wondering, what was so exceptional about this most acclaimed agbada attire, I realized how much strict attention to details and professionalism mean.

Sunday, November 19, 2017 happened not to be a regular Sunday like the past weeks except for those with the IVs, we others got nudged about the celebrity wedding of the year- the real wedding party actually- between actress Adesuwa Etomi and singer Banky W.

We still can’t get enough of the glamour, we are picking our favourite outfit worn by the bride Adesuwa on IG, you don’t want to miss it. Pause reading and hurry go pick you fave HERE and remember to follow us as well.

So, as if the glittering colours and shades of beauty were not enough, TV presenter Ebuka Obi-Uchendu stole the show. The internet literary broke out. Because of a new specie of agbada the world is not used to adorned by Mr Obi-Uchendu.

Who is Ugo Monye, the most searched person after Ebuka Obi-Uchendu let the cat out on the brain behind the craft?

Ugo Monye, the brand, identifies itself as a tailoring company. A fashion company that designs and creates redefined styles for men. The company has been around for a while, it’s known for it’s unique creativity and African style redefinition.

Ugo Monye has been featured in different magazines and showcased on local and international runways but the question is did you know Ugo Monye until Ebuka slayed at #BAAD2017? Probably no!

It’s okay to say this man has more opportunity than you have as a tailor too but there are some very crucial things that even the most opportuned man can neglect which would deprive him.

I don’t know Ugo Monye’s personal story, but I can tell you how much hard work and consistency he has paid. Here are four things we note about Ugo Monye

  1. Love for creativity- Agbadas have been existing since the beginning of history but one man decides to make a difference. He was comfortable exercising his creative juice and yes we love the work! Mind you, he believed in himself and appreciated what he could do.
  2. Craft perfection- Excuse you, there is nothing called ‘perfect’ but before you seal up that tailoring work, you too know that there are some flaws that should be worked on. We see intentional craft perfection in Ugo Monye’s collection and it’s just fabulous.
  3. Attention to details- This is not natural to some people. Even if you try to make things perfect, you need to have an eye for details from buttons to threads, to trimming to sewing. This can take more time but really you know what is best, just patiently go for it.
  4. Consistent value- In just one week, Ugo Monye’s social accounts have increased more than 200 percent. And when people went back to see his past works, they realized he didn’t use Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to cover up, this dude is consistently good. Just keep on doing all the excellent work, you will draw great people and these great people would help you draw greater people.

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By Adenike Bamigbade.

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