A Late Night Analogy

Let go. Let go of people who have moved on. You have to move on too. It’s no good clinging to a person and it is no one’s fault. Man is by nature a selfish creature and there’s a limit to how much any one of us can conceal this fact.

I’m getting a little too harsh, right?

Lately, some of my friends have disappointed me. My attempts to start a conversation have not been very successful. At times, the responses I get are unenthusiastic and at times they don’t even come. Don’t get me wrong — maybe I too have done this to other people. I’m just saying this because I’m not much of an extrovert and I don’t start a conversation without really wanting to do it.

When a person is in new surroundings with new people, in new situations, his mind finds itself running out of space. The old has to make way for the new, so that he has a clearer picture of the present. Have you ever cleared the cache on your phone? Our mind is quite like a phone. Every time I clear my phone’s cache, it becomes faster for a while. Do you get what I’m getting at? I hope you do.

OK, my phone seems to be slow again. This time clearing the cache isn’t making much difference. What should we do now? Photos — snapshots in memory — of all those good moments of the past are eating up a lot of space. Should we just delete them, should we just move on? No, no. Let’s just sync them to the cloud and clear some space on our mind to focus on the present.

And then, there are your phone contacts. I did advise you to let go. But wait! Don’t delete these contacts for good. Who knows your friendship might survive years of no conversation! Let’s just back these contacts up as well to the cloud.

Have I taken this analogy too far?

Doesn’t matter, I like it.