I recently saw a brilliant movie called ‘The dead poets society’. The storyline of the movie revolves around a very common problem in our society and it exists even now in the 21st century. The movie made me realise that this problem still exists. Our society has the most control over all of us. In the field of education, the student is required to choose his field of study as soon as he/she reaches high school and it must be either medicine, engineering or law. And then after they are done with engineering, they must decide whether to pursue further studies. There is so much pressure on these young adults. Of course, nowadays students are exploring other areas of their interests like fine arts and literature for their career paths. But there still exists this concept of having a backup degree or a safety net since such unconventional careers often aren’t as successful.

We need to find a solution that would help the students find their passion and by the time they are done with school, they would have explored most of their interests and they would be able to make an informed decision keeping their interests in mind. Also, all these fields of study (engineering, medicine, literature,law,fine arts) need to be made equal in all respects so that people wouldn’t be afraid to choose an unconventional career path. Lastly, parents play an important role in all of this and they need to allow their children to pursue what they want and not force them in doing something that they would regret their entire lives. The support of your loved ones goes a long way and builds confidence and children will be willing to take more risks and explore themselves.

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