Battle with love

Sometimes I feel anger
Sometimes I feel worrier
Sometimes I feel sober
Sometimes I feel happier
Sometimes I feel depressor
Most of the times my heart rings to win our courtship
Whatever situation either resonation or justification , my thoughts flowing from river junction 
You are my heartship in the field of battleship, with armour of love to win the courtship 
Is it why, I feel hesitation to leave your hands, even at times of prejudication or justification 
Life is a journey with up' s and down with resonation 
There is no destination for sky and sea
There is no estimation for life and death 
There is no calibration for ups and downs
Only we are the survivor in the courtship, equipped with armour of love
It’s not difficult to play the ball
Unless you know to hit with visualisation 
Is not difficult to fight the enemy
Unless you know to hold the sword with right stand justification 
It’s not difficult to win the courtship 
Unless you know to feel the love with harmonisation 
It’s not difficult to live the life 
Unless you know to love with articulation 
Resonation or justification or calibration, battle the love with rythemic harmonisation.

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