My Bootcamp Experience so far

My experience so far at the bootcamp has really been interesting and an awesome one.
On the first day of bootcamp, I along with my other campers were taught and also trained on new concepts like how to use Test Driven Development to scale your code higher. How to use different TDD library, how to write functional code and so on.

One of the most interesting things I have experience in this bootcamp is the opportunity I have had to help other campers in this cycle who were not even in my group. I have learnt that helping other other people by explaining a concept you understand which they do not also helps me understand that concept better.
Before this current bootcamp started, there were some Javascript concept I really did not understand, but while I have been here I have had the opportunity to ask my fellow campers to explain these concepts to me in a way that I would be easier for me to understand.

No matter the outcome of this bootcamp, I am very glad about all that I got to learn and what have been exposed to so far and all the things I will still learn days to come and kudos to everyone at ANDELA firstly Victoria because she actually indirectly taught me how to copy a board on trello (just imagine i dont know that even with the instruction is right there in front of me, also Koya Adegboyega (My L.F.A) thanks for all the feedback because without feedback there wont be progress and lastly Phillip Newman for making me a new man with all the exciting videos most especially Growth mindset and Seek feedback video because another thing I have gained from this reputable organisation is that ANDELA or no ANDELA one has to be great in his own way.

Thanks once again to the ANDELA team for giving me this great privilege.

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