I tend to usually like and enjoy your work Alexander.
Jerry Nelson

Fair enough — we can disagree on this one. I think civil disobedience has an important place in our political system, but for those in power to employ this tactic of the powerless is offensive.

The House of Representatives is the most powerful legislative body in the United States — the most powerful legislative body in the world. For the members of this august body to abdicate their responsibility to govern —instead choosing to sit on the floor eating Dunkin donuts is a total slap in the face of those brave African Americans who refused to get up from those barstools at Woolworths.

Of course, the Congressmen just stopped their sit-in so they could go home for the 4th of July recess. Those four African American men didn’t end their sit-in so they could go on vacation — they continued the fight until Congress took up their cause (and I’ll remind you that the Democrats opposed the eventual Civil Rights Bill passed by Congress as a result of their efforts).

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