How Twitter Restricts Conservative Voices

Ever since Donald Trump began using Twitter I’ve been a big fan of the platform. I post my own memes, comment on other tweets, and periodically post links to articles I find interesting. Recently I’ve started to notice that when I attempt to post certain links to Twitter I get the following error message:

If I remove the link from my tweet Twitter allows my tweet to post. I’ve noticed that links from,,, and are rejected the most. Once a link is flagged with this error if I ‘try again later’ I get the same result. The insidious thing about this method is that Twitter makes the user think it is somehow their fault.

For example, The Federalist Papers posted a piece revealing that California has the highest number and percentage of people in living in poverty in the United States. When I tried to link to it I got my favorite ‘conservative’ error message and was told to try again later.

If you’re a conservative and have the same issue please let me know and follow me on Twitter:!

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