requested that a foreign government engage in hacking his opponents email
Alex, it’s very clear that you have an opinion that you believe to be true and you are thankfully…

I’ve listened to what he said several times and he never requested that Russia hack Hillary’s email. If you look at his statements in context (go back a little in the video) you’ll realize he was responding to the Democrat’s suggestion that Russia was behind the leak of DNC emails that resulted in the resignation of the organization’s leader. The point of his statement? If they were the “hackers” they ALREADY have the emails Hillary deleted before turning over her server to the FBI. If they aren’t the hackers behind the leaks there is NO possible way for them to recover emails from an offline server in the custody of the FBI (who could not recover the 30,000 emails Hillary claims are about yoga and her daughter’s wedding). It was clear to ANYONE that Trump was being facetious — and if you think about his statement logically you can’t come to any other conclusion.

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