Who Is Ultimately Responsible For The Vicious Hack Targeting Leslie Jones?
Adam Peck

First, let me make it clear that nothing can excuse the sort of behavior Leslie Jones has experienced on Twitter, but if you’re being honest with yourself it isn’t that surprising. Imagine a white supremacist walking into a meeting of the Black Panthers and calling the African-Americans he saw the n-word. I suspect by the time he made it out of the meeting (if he made it out) he’d be black and blue. Regardless of whatever this racist said — nothing would justify the beating he’d receive, but the beating would be foreseeable nonetheless. So when Leslie Jones walked into Twitter and began making racist statements toward whites , Jews, and Republicans— the response was just as unacceptable, but it was just as foreseeable.

If you make statements like:

…the mob is going to attack you. They are wrong for attacking you, but the attacks are foreseeable and don’t have anything to do with Donald Trump.